On the Agenda – Worksite Enforcement

January 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

This week the House Judiciary Committee is scheduled to hold an oversight hearing on worksite enforcement. It is anticipated that the Republican-controlled House will take a decidedly more aggressive stance on this issue and ask the current administration to step up even more than it has to crack down on unauthorized workers. ICE, or Immigration & Customs Enforcement, is the agency in charge of running these crackdowns. In the recent years, the number of employers raided & fined due to immigration issues has increased exponentially, creating large ripple effects within the business community. An overarching concern that will need to be addressed in this and future hearings is how to approach the issue of worksite enforcement effectively in order to properly deal with willful violators of immigration laws without unnecessarily disrupting the business community or blocking the path to continued economic recovery. The Obama Administration has insofar worked on targeting violators aggressively, although in practice the way ICE has been implementing audits, including a lack of uniformity in how ICE targets employers and targeting employers whose violations seem to be mere technical errors, has been problematic. The challenge now is to address this issue with the mindset that enforcement should be carried out with minimal impact on businesses without harming workers and their families.


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