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If you ever wonder where you fall along the party line and whose political stance is more aligned with yours, it might be worth doing a little self-quiz and get educated at the same time. Ontheissues.org is an American non-partisan and non-profit organization based in Cambridge, MA that has been around since 1996. According to Wikepedia, the organization aims to help voters make educated decisions and pick the right candidates. The online VoteMatch quiz comprises of 20 questions, and the site matches one’s answers against Candidates for President and for Congress. Although the questions may be somewhat simplistic and tend to invite users to answer without fully understanding the complexity of each issue on which the question is based, the quiz is nevertheless a quick and easy way to inform someone of the relevant issues and at least who are all the candidates in the running.

I found it particularly interesting to read up on the site’s summary of our 2012 presidential and vice presidential candidates’ progressive stance on immigration. All four candidates agree that “rounding up” and removing the 11 some undocumented immigrants is impractical, although in last week’s Convention in Tampa the Republican Party stands firm behind Attrition Through Enforcement, the idea that by making life so hard for the undocumented they would “self deport”. Meanwhile, the Democratic Convention opens tonight, and all eyes and ears will be trained on the incumbent party to see what messages to take away two months before the elections.


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