Refugee Protection Act of 2016

August 24, 2016 § Leave a comment

The Refugee Protection Act of 2016 has been introduced to the US House and Senate by Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont and Representative Zoe Lofgren of California on July 14, 2016. This act is intended to strengthen current U.S. laws pertaining to refugees and asylum seekers, the passage of which date back to the historic Refugee Act of 1980.   The bill also seeks to correct barriers that bar deserving individuals from receiving asylum in the United States. According to Human Rights First, some of the improvements proposed in the Refugee Protection Act of 2016 are an elimination of the one year filing deadline, the provision for asylum cases to be handled at an asylum office rather than in an immigration court, setting criteria for detaining an asylum seeker, and providing legal counsel to some particularly vulnerable populations.

Each year the president sets a ceiling for the number of refugees it will accept. In 2015, the ceiling was 70,000. 69,933 refuges were accepted. Obama has proposed to increase this ceiling to 100,000 by 2017. The passage of the bill would be a significant step toward protecting freedom and preserving human rights of those facing persecution from all around the world.


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