Guide to the Deportation Process

July 18, 2019 § Leave a comment

Immigration and Customs Enforcement have begun their promised raids throughout the nation. By the end of this week, at least ten cities will be targeted by ICE raids with the intention to arrest at least 2,000 people who are not eligible to remain in the country. 

These recent raids are primarily targeting families from Central America. These families have been arriving in large numbers since the fall. The intention of these raids are to deport parents and children and deter others from coming to the country as well. 

Before an arrest is made, ICE agents typically stake out the homes of their targets. They have to wait until the target voluntarily leaves their home in order to make an arrest. Once arrested, they retain their basic rights such as the right to remain silent. 

After they are arrested, they are taken to an ICE office for processing, which can take several hours. During processing, they are taken to a detention center. If an Attorney is involved, they may be able to file a motion to reopen the removal proceeding in order to give the immigrant more time for their case to be heard. This process could take weeks or months depending on the case.

The process of deportation depends on where they are and the country they are going to. When the detainee is physically removed from the country, they have two options. They can be handcuffed on a commercial flight or put on a flight chartered by ICE. Tens of thousands of people are returned to their home countries on flights chartered by ICE each year. 

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